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Additional help for sepsis survivors

Sepsis and afterwards About the author Having suffered from a septic shock herself, Idelette Nutma, former nurse, has devoted her energies to improving aftercare and raising the alarm on sepsis. Apart from giving information and guidance, as seen from the patient’s perspective, Idelette Nutma gives lectures and hosts workshops. Furthermore, she is co-founder of the […]


Mike Adams: Intensive Therapy

Introduction from Dr Ron Daniels, UK Sepsis Trust CEO Admission to Intensive Care for any reason can leave a person who is fortunate enough to survive with life-changing after effects. A combination of the use of sedative drugs, a loss of the normal day/night sleep pattern and the ravaging of critical illness conspire to leave survivors suffering […]

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The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh & The Society for Acute Medicine International Conference of Medicine……….

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh & The Society for Acute Medicine International Conference of Medicine Past, Present and Future We are delighted to announce that the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and the Society for Acute Medicine, in association with the Scottish Intensive Care Society, will be holding the Past, Present and Future of Medicine on the 12 – 13 […]

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Our Statistics and why it matters – March 2016

We would like to share our statistics & how we arrived at these figures, whilst also remembering we are talking about people …………………… I will detail below in brief how we arrive at the incidence and mortality estimates we use: In 2015, Ben Gummer (junior Health Minister) asked the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) how many episodes […]

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Have you seen us in the news recently? read our lifesaving Facts Sheets……

We have had great press recently and want you to be able to access our Health Facts sheets as quickly as possible – please find a link below to all you need to know about SEPSIS: Link to General Publics facts sheets: Link to Health Professionals facts sheets: