by Dr Ron Daniels

Ron is Chief Executive and one of the founders of the Trust; he developed his passion for improving systems for Sepsis during his Role as a Consultant in Critical Care and Anaesthesia, and his parallel role as CEO of the Global Sepsis Alliance. He is a recognised world expert in sepsis and lectures internationally.

One thought on “Family of young woman who died from sepsis say improvements have been made since her tragic death

  1. Max Williams says:

    It is almost 10 years since my late husband was taken ill with sepsis. I believe his initial care was very good once finally seen by a doctor at A and E. It was the long haul of care that failed him. He should have survived but instead he suffered unimaginably for nearly 10 months before dying from infections he was too weak and malnourished to fight. There seemed to be no system in place to deal with his needs and no place for him to have comprehensive care. I hope that today there is a more joined up system to care for patients needing protection from infection, skin and wound care, renal support, amputation care, nutrition, pain management and getting arrangements in place to get them home. I hope no one has to go through what he endured but fear that the NHS will continue to hugely waste resources and continue with erratic, sometimes heroic, sometimes careless and incompetent, care and fail future sepsis patients.

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