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Last year after Kellie’s mother Ann Hemmings sadly passed away suddenly in hospital from Septicaemia. She found out about UK sepsis trust after searching for information on the internet to help her try and understand what had happened to her mother.

She wanted to do something to celebrate her mother’s life and to help in some way to raise more awareness of the life threatening and deadly infection and decided to raise sponsorship money to do the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge and helped by a few of her colleagues to train for and complete the challenge.


“After finding out about sepsis which until the receiving my mother death certificate and using the internet to find out what it was, I had never been aware of sepsis. I decided I wanted to do something to raise awareness. My mother was in hospital for 2 days with confusion and other symptoms and not once was this mentioned to us. This made some of the family very angry as if it had been thought of as a reason for her altered state she may not have lost her life to this deadly disease. I decided that instead of getting angry I would do something to raise awareness and that in doing so it would be a way of helping another family so that they would not have to suffer like we did. Speaking to a northern trains colleague Marie, she came up the idea to do a challenge and that’s how the Yorkshire 3 peaks came about”.    

Kellie Moore.


Kellie made a just giving page and also sold football cards to the staff around the stations with prizes on offer and all together raised a total of £1,370.00 for the UK Sepsis Trust. 

On behalf of Sepsis Trust we would like to say a huge thank you to Kellie, it’s such a wonderful thing to do at a very difficult time following the death of someone you love so much. Any amount of money is just greatly appreciated and we will make sure we put it to good use, this phenomenal amount will truly make an impact on the work we do!

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