Your Stories brought to life at Glastonbury Festival – we want to make MEMORY FLAGS to share your stories in an innovative and fresh way

As is traditional at festivals people love to use bunting and flags to attract interest.

We would love to hang your flags (individual stories strung together like bunting)  in the Sepsis Marquee to share stories of your loved ones – we want to make it personal and meaningful to people who come and chat with us at the Marquee. We have decided that hand written messages often have a bigger impact and add the personal element to a very emotional subject.  If you would like to take part in this project please can you send us in the post or scanned the following:


  1. We have included a template for you to download and use – one side will hand written – the other side will be your photograph and some of our words and logo
  2. We would like a  hand written account of your loved one or your experience of sepsis – you might want to write how you felt as a relative
    1. Please write on one side of the A4 paper,
    2. if you want to use both sides you can it is after all your story and your flag
  3. Please keep all words  within the orange box
  4. The Title at the top will need to say either :
    1. I am a survivor – name
    2. In memory of – name
  5. A photograph sent by email to – of yourself or our loved one – this is optional and will go on one side of the flag
  6. Please post hand written flag back to us (with your name) at this address: The UK Sepsis Trust Ltd14 Coles Lane, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham B72 1Nor If you want to scan it and send it back you can – please send to
  7. Please download your template here if you cant manage to please just use A4 paper Memory Flag Template Memory Flag Template

To cover the cost of finishing the item/laminating – admin – and putting the memory items together with branding a donation of £5 would be gratefully received – it is optional though so please share your story if you want to.

Thank you for sharing personal information and for supporting us – it really does make a difference……..

by Paula

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