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  1. RITA says:

    I have had sepsis before and was in a coma for 8 days I have recently had a toe removed I have also had one removed last year I have periferal neuropathy I find now my amputated toe is not healing I was left with a stump and in between it is weepy they saved a toe on my right foot but it also isn’t healing it seems to be twice it’s normal size they are getting dressed every day but little if no improvement I have a runny nose and diarrhoea on and off not sure if this is caused by eating to much yoghurt but I am in a lot of pain bottom part of my bottom and the top back of my legs I have a couple of bulging discs pressing on my spine I had better stop here lol to many issues

  2. Ruth Frost says:

    A friend of 80 who is diabetic and had pneumonia and a kidney infection is making very slow progress. Worrying about breathing and has had oxygen increased a bit after having the nose tube removed after seemingly improving. Not eating or drinking much and sleeping is difficult for her.
    The doctor suggested she may need fluid drained; a common problem after pneumonia.
    If this isn’t done promptly will this lead to sepsis?

  3. Mrs Postle says:

    My husband was sent home at 1.30am 2 days ago by taxi with sepsis. iWas too ill to collect him. He now is back in intensive care at BUry hospital.

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