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  • Location: Glasgow
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  • In less than 24 hours I was in ICU. This shows how quickly these things can strike....


It started off just another regular Tuesday, I’d left my boyfriend at the subway and made my way to work. By the time I’d arrived at work I had really bad stomach pain, worse than anything I’d experienced before. I hadn’t been there long when I was sick and decided to go home; I didn’t want to spread what I assumed was a sick bug around the whole work place.

At home I became violently sick and kept trying to get comfortable in bed, tossing and turning but nothing worked. Everytime the pain eased off I was sick again. I started to feel weak abd light headed, I had been rushing around that day and hadn’t had time for breakfast. It was at this point I called the NHS 24 helpline. I  was in so much pain but I thought they would tell me just to stay home and rest. Luckily for me they asked me to come straight to the hospital as they were concerned by the severity of the pain I’d described and that I couldn’t stop being sick.

At hospital they looked at me, took my temperature and blood sugar and said I was being admitted. Initially I wasn’t that scared,  I knew that I was in good hands and that they would look after me. I was given painkillers but they made no difference to the pain and I became a bit more concerned. The doctors eventually diagnosed me with appendicitis, that diagnosis was a relief. An appendectomy was performed on the 5th August 2014. I wasn’t worried at all, if this operation got rid of the pain I was happy to go ahead. It was only a routine operation, nothing to worry about, or so I thought.

When I awoke I had no idea where I was, why couldn’t I talk properly?, why was there a tube down my throat? It turns out that after surgery I was unable to breathe on my own and had to be intubated and moved to ICU. I don’t remember my time in ICU, even after waking and breathing on my own I fell asleep. I’m told that I had a PICC line in my neck to administer medication into my bloodstream quicker and that I was breathing with the help of the ventilator and that eveyone was just waiting for me to wake up.

I eventually got moved from ICU to HDU and was there a couple of days before I was finally moved to a ward. I was given morphine by PCU and antibiotics by IV and I slept a lot. It was a couple of days before I went home that you could finally get some conversation out of me. I remember crying a lot as it was when i became more aware of what was going on that I began to worry. I’m lucky that I’m young and was otherwise healthy and my body was willing to fight and that I was seen so quickly at hospital.. I firmly believe despite the initial misdiagnosis of appendicitis the quick action of the Dr’s and Nurses stopped me from ending up at a point of no return. In less than 24 hours I was in ICU. This shows how quickly these things can strike.

Now almost two months on I’m doing a whole lot better. I have had a lot of support from friends, family and my boyfriend. My work have also been great. I’m still very tired, even little tasks can seem huge and I have to be careful as I seem to catch infections a lot easier than before. There’s a chance this may be me from now on but I’d much rather have to be cautious and be alive, it’s a small price to pay.

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