Use your power to help fight sepsis

Ten years ago, Dr Ron Daniels was motivated to create the UK Sepsis Trust after witnessing the tragic and preventable death of 37-year-old father of two, Jem Abbots. He knew that with the proper awareness and training, early diagnosis and treatment could save many lives.

Since then we’ve been hard at work empowering millions of people to spot the signs of sepsis. Alongside the support of our partners, we’ve been able to support thousands of struggling families and provide educational and clinical tools to improve the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis.

However, with more than 48,000 people still dying of sepsis every year and over 60,000 survivors left with life-altering challenges, our work is far from done.

Help us celebrate our birthday by making sure more people can celebrate theirs.

Our 10th birthday year gives us the perfect opportunity to ‘power up’ in the fight against sepsis. We want to sign 10,000 organisations to our ‘Sepsis Savvy’ awareness initiative, to train 10,000 healthcare professionals and to support 10,000 families affected by the silent killer. But to do that, we need YOU to use your power – however you can.

What power will you use to help fight sepsis?

Choose YOUR power

Reach more people

Get Sepsis Savvy

Through Sepsis Savvy you can use your collective power to make a real difference. We can provide your business or organisation with free resources, enabling you to protect yourself and your loved ones against sepsis.   Sign up to Sepsis Savvy here.


Help us fight sepsis

Use your power to support us financially. Your one-off or monthly donations will help us raise awareness, support sepsis survivors and save thousands of lives every year. Click here to make a donation.

Life-saving tools

Partnering with health professionals

We urgently need the healthcare community to help us spot sepsis more easily. To support a standard approach to spotting and managing sepsis, we have created a series of free clinical tools and learning resources. Explore our professional resources here.


Get active for sepsis

Use your power to walk, hike, run, cycle or swim for sepsis in one of our active fundraising events. There are many ways to get active whilst helping us raise crucial funds and awareness. Find out more about our active fundraising events here.

Support Schools

Educate the next generation

Knowledge is power. Our teaching resources have been designed in collaboration with volunteers across each of the five Key Stages. Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, or just passionate about education in your local area – find out how you can make your school #SepsisSavvy here.


Your time is power

Use your power to volunteer with us. We need your help more than ever. Educate and protect your community, train other healthcare professionals or use your skills to support sepsis survivors.  Click here to find out more about volunteering with us.

Get Support

Help after Sepsis

Reclaim your power by asking for help. Reach out to us for support with recovery, supporting loved ones, bereavements or if you’d just like to know more about sepsis. Find out more about the support we offer here.

Partner with us

Let's use our combined power

Our partnerships are as unique as they are valuable, and we believe the best way to explore how we can work together is to start with a conversation. Find out more about our partnerships here and get in touch. 

Contact Us

Use a different power

Whether you’re launching your own fundraising initiative or looking to choose us as your charity of the year, we love it when our supporters use their power to do something different. We encourage you to get in touch with us to share your ideas in how you can support our life-changing mission.