Birmingham Half Marathon - Sam's Story

Here is a picture of Sam, a mother of two beautiful daughters. Sadly Sam lost her life to sepsis earlier this year, here her daughters write their personal account of loss. The Sepsis Trusts continues to raise awareness of sepsis and you can help us in our mission by signing up for an event with us & help make a difference. They are running the Birmingham Half Marathon with friends & family in memory of their mum Sam.

In February of this year, my mum, who was completely fit and healthy, got ill with the flu. She was eventually admitted to hospital and within 3 days, she had died from sepsis. Even though she was diagnosed quickly with sepsis, she wasn’t given the life-saving antibiotics she needed for another few hours, and by then it was too late. Our family was in shock for a very long time. My mum was a kind, funny, clever and brilliant woman and we couldn’t believe that someone so alive and energetic and happy was now gone.

We are running in this half marathon to raise awareness for this horrific condition and the fact that even young, healthy people can die from it. Our family have had a terrible year without her and we all miss her every single day, and we hope that by raising awareness we can help to prevent this happening to other families like ours.


sepsis death

Sam & her daughters