October Crochet Challenge

The October Crochet Challenge is a fundraising challenge which you can make your own. The challenge is simple and creative, crochet every day this October, get a free t-shirt once you have received your first donation on your page and join hundreds of others crocheting in October to raise vital funds and awareness for sepsis.

Join the Facebook group where you’ll find support and encouragement from people across the country.

What do you need to do?

1. Join our October Crochet Challenge Facebook group, click here

2. Register for the challenge and get your free T-shirt, once you have received your first donation on your page (you can do this on the Facebook Group)

3. Set up your Facebook fundraiser and spread the word about your amazing challenge

Your support is incredible, every pound raised this October, helps us get closer to our goal of ending preventable deaths from sepsis and improved outcomes for sepsis survivors.

We cannot wait to welcome you to #TeamSepsisUK

FAQs for participants

How does October Facebook Challenge work? Open

Participants are challenged to Crochet every day this October, as much or as little as you like! Share your incredible creations on the Facebook group and support others in this community.

How do I get started? Open

Join the Facebook group and register for the challenge once joined!

What is a Facebook fundraiser page? Open

A fundraising page which you set-up and run within Facebook.

I have set up a Facebook fundraising page now what do I do to get the t-shirt? Open

If you go onto announcements at the top of the Facebook page, you will see a welcome post with a link where you can register for this challenge. Once you have set up your Facebook fundraiser and received your first donation, your UKST T-shirt will be dispatched.

Where do the donations to my Facebook fundraiser go? Open

All donations that are made to your Facebook fundraiser will be sent directly to UK Sepsis Trust by Facebook.

Can I fundraise outside of Facebook? Open

Yes, if you would prefer to use an alternative fundraising platform to Facebook, we recommend using JustGiving. Create your page here.

I don’t know how to crochet – where should I begin? Open

YouTube is full of videos which provide the basic techniques for crochet. The Facebook group is also full of crochet tips and advice!

How do I get in touch with UK Sepsis Trust? Open

If you do have questions or comments, please email virtualevents@sepsistrust.org


Still have a question that hasn’t been answered? Email the events team at virtualevents@sepsistrust.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible!