Picture This

Everybody loves a good drawing-based guessing game, so why not get a virtual team involved to Picture This, all whilst raising funds for the UK Sepsis Trust. Choose who will be your artist, and whoever guessing the drawing quickest, wins a point. The person with the most points at the end of your game, wins! Now, pull out your pads, sharpen your pencils, and get sketching!


The Basics Open

Firstly, choose a date that works best for you and your network. Then, pick your virtual platform; there are plenty you can choose from, whether that be Microsoft Teams, Zoom or House Party.

Create your Giving Page Open

We’ve included a link here which will take you straight to JustGiving where you can create your page. Plus, we’ve got a brilliant Online Fundraising Guide below, which offers some great advice on making the most from your page. If you would like to link your fundraising to our CoVid-19 Campaign, you can do so by following the link here and clicking the orange ‘Start Fundraising’

  • Tip: Don’t forget, you can include all of your event details directly on your giving page, such as the event date and time, entry fee to take part and how they can connect to your Picture This That way, all of the information is in one place.
Spread the Word Open

Whether it be through text, email or social media, spread the word and ask your friends, family or colleagues to take part. The more people you can get involved, the better! We’ve even included a Picture This poster, below, to advertise on your social media platforms. Don’t forget to share the link to your JustGiving page so people know how to donate.

  • Tip: Letting people know why our cause means so much to you can really motivate people to sign up and take part in your event.
Picture Preparation Open

We’d recommend choosing which images you will be drawing in advance, just so you don’t have to waste any time during the main event. We’ve provided drawing sheets below for you to print out, should you wish to use them.

Don't Forget, this is a Fundraiser Open

The hardest part about fundraising can sometimes be to simply ask for a donation. Perhaps you could ask your participants to donate an entry fee to your event (we recommend £5), donating the funds directly to your giving page.

Away you go Open

Now for the fun part; start drawing! The person to guess the picture first, wins the round. Don’t forget to download our Picture This Scoring Sheet so you can easily keep track of everybody’s score after each round. You could even provide a virtual prize for your winners, and a forfeit for your losers!



Your Guide to Online Fundraising

Picture This Score Sheet

Picture This Social Media Poster

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