The Climb

Have you ever fancied getting your walking shoes on and climbing Big Ben? Maybe setting your sights on climbing the sails of the Sydney Opera House? Or perhaps you’d like to take it one ‘step’ further by climbing Mount Everest and having the whole at your feet. Well, now isn’t the time to do climb those exact monuments, but that doesn’t have to stop you from staying active climbing the distance on your stairs at home, all while doing your part for charity and raising funds for the Trust.


Set your Challenge Open

Choose the distance you would like to climb and set a time frame to complete your challenge. We’ve provided you with a handy Monumental Measurements downloadable (below), which provides you with different virtual climb ideas for you to choose from.

Create your Giving Page Open

We’ve included a link here which will take you straight to JustGiving where you can create your page. We’ve also got a brilliant Online Fundraising Guide below, which offers some great advice to make the most from your page.

Spread the Word Open

Whether it be through text, email or social media, spread the word and tell your friends, family or colleagues all about your event and why fundraising for UKST is important to you. Don’t forget to share the link to your giving page and ask your supporters to donate and sponsor you. We’ve included a downloadable social media poster below to help get the word out to your friends and followers.

Get Climbing Open

All that’s left to do is to begin your ascent! We’ve provided a downloadable Flight Tally so you can keep track of how many flights of stairs you’ve conquered each day. Make sure you keep your supporters updated on your progress via social media and on your giving page.



Your Guide to Online Fundraising

The Climb Tally Sheet

Monumental Measurements

The Climb Social Media Poster

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