Winter 6hallenge


Join our nationwide fight against sepsis and stay active, creative and connected this winter.

All you need to do is dream up your fundraising 6hallenge and complete it by the end of February. The only rules are to have fun and stay safe!

Why 6hallenge? We wanted a number to inspire your challenges and we chose 6 because there are six main signs of sepsis, and our treatment pathway, The Sepsis Six, is used in most hospitals in England and many others around the world.


  • Dream up your Winter 6hallenge (on your own or as part of a team)
  • Set up your fundraising page via
  • Ask all your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you
  • Complete your challenge by 28th February 2021
  • Share your progress, and use #Winter6hallenge on social media

And, if embarking on a 6hallenge isn’t your thing, you could donate £6 (or any amount you’d like) instead. Thank you!