Greenbrook Healthcare Raises Awareness of Sepsis with Melissa Mead

In December, Greenbrook Healthcare teamed up with Melissa Mead to create an incredible video to raise awareness of sepsis. 

Since the death of her son William, who lost his life to sepsis just after his first birthday in December 2014, Melissa has campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness of this ‘killer condition’, in the hope that other parents won’t have to go through what she has. 

Dr Greg Edwards, Senior Clinical Director, Greenbrook Healthcare said, of the short film:

“Greenbrook Healthcare has been working for some time on initiatives to improve awareness of sepsis in urgent care. When we became aware of Melissa Mead’s powerful story, we approached her and the UK Sepsis Trust to work together to help create a message which would resonate with our clinicians. The resulting video has had a massive impact on our teams within Greenbrook Healthcare and we hope that it might also for healthcare teams across the NHS and beyond.” 

Our CEO, Dr Ron Daniels commented: 

“It’s fantastic that Greenbrook Healthcare are helping to raise the profile of the condition that affects so many but is recognised by so few. Telling stories like Melissa’s raises vital awareness, helps others to spot sepsis more quickly and, consequently, saves thousands of lives. We’re most grateful to Greenbrook Healthcare for helping us spread the word in such a memorable and moving way.”

Watch the video here: