Today the UK Sepsis Trust announce a lifesaving partnership with Cube Management, beginning with their collaboration at RideLondon, the UK’s biggest cycling event, where the Street Velodrome will be co-branded with Cycle4Sepsis at Excel London, attended by 50,000 cycling enthusiasts.

Cube Management pledge to incorporate the Trust into all proposed plans and look to create a communication channel with both their clients and their customers to introduce the Trust as a charity partner and to allow for on event awareness activity, supported by Cube, plus access to online communication in blogs, social media and news. Cube approached the UK Sepsis Trust to offer their services and to help generate awareness through their client channels after a personal experience with sepsis.

Sepsis is the body’s overreaction to an infection in which the immune system, instead of fighting an infection, attacks the body’s own organs and tissues. If not spotted it can lead rapidly to organ failure and death, and leaves thousands of survivors with life-changing disabilities. The condition affects adults and children alike affecting 250,000 people in the UK annually and resulting in 52,000 deaths. According to the UK Sepsis Trusts estimates, better awareness could save 14,000 lives every year, and save the NHS £314 million per annum.

Earlier recognition and treatment of sepsis saves lives and hugely improves outcomes for survivors, so spreading the word is key.


Andy Moss, Director of Cube Management comments: “Sepsis has had a profound effect on my family and as the founder of Cube, I am deeply motivated in spreading the Trusts message, raising awareness and helping to saves lives. Happily, our story is one of full recovery and for this we will be eternally grateful, within the space of six months, our daughter knocked on the doors of heaven, but returned back to life and back to full fitness.”

Dr Ron Daniels, CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust comments: “Sepsis affects a quarter of a million people in the UK every year but awareness of the condition is still far too low. This is why we’re so thrilled to be joining forces with Cube Management and to be working together raise funds and vital awareness of sepsis and continue in our mission to end preventable deaths from sepsis.”