I began to volunteer for the UK Sepsis Trust eighteen months after I had severe sepsis with life changing consequences. I was very lucky to survive and wanted to use my personal experience to raise awareness of sepsis as well as to inspire other people and to raise funds for the UK Sepsis Trust. I have given several talks at fundraising events as well as speaking at conferences and training events for healthcare professionals.

I have made many contacts and have met wonderful and inspiring people through these events. Volunteering has given me the confidence to become a good public speaker and to do things that I never did before, for example: I took part in a triathlon with a group of disabled athletes as well as abled athletes to raise funds for the Trust. This was a fun event and for all the disabled athletes a personal triumph.

Through volunteering I have learned a lot about myself and a lot from other people. Volunteering is an enriching and fulfilling activity and has made me a better and happier person.