Mary's story

I had sepsis in June 2016, and – like many – left hospital without much clue as to what had happened and why…. Or what I should expect from the recovery.

I connected with the UKST within a few days, and was so impressed by their knowledge and understanding. It was exactly the support I needed at a time where I had dozens of questions but no answers. Since then I have been in regular contact with the folk at the charity, and am really proud to say that I am as involved as they want. I’ve spoken at events, help run the quarterly London support group, and am always flying the flag on social media to help spread the word. Even in the short amount of time since I had sepsis, public awareness has grown massively, and I am confident that the work of the UKST – and its volunteer network – is responsible for this. Hopefully in the coming years, everyone will know the symptoms – just as they do those of stroke, cancer, or a heart attack – and all these preventable deaths can be stopped in their tracks.