WHO adopts SEPSIS resolution

Sepsis claims six million lives a year: the World Health Organisation (WHO) adopts sepsis resolution to improve care globally.

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Sepsis claims approximately six million lives worldwide every year, but many of those could be saved with increased public awareness, education for healthcare professionals and other basic care provisions.

Supported and led by the UK Sepsis Trust, the Global Sepsis Alliance presented the WHO with a series of proposals for better sepsis care in developing countries. Adopting the resolution will make sepsis a priority for policy makers and healthcare authorities across the globe, urging each of WHO’s 194 United Nations member states to develop action plans for saving lives and improving outcomes for survivors of sepsis.

Following Dr Ron Daniels’ comment that the sepsis resolution is crucial for “countries all over the world who urgently require focus and resources to reclaim the millions of lives lost unnecessarily to sepsis each year”, Sir Liam Donaldson, WHO Patient Safety Envoy, called the resolution a “big step to achieving the goal of making care safer for patients everywhere”.

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