The UK Sepsis Trust was founded in 2012 by a world leader in Sepsis, NHS consultant Dr Ron Daniels. Since then the charity has expanded rapidly and continues to grow at a remarkable pace. The small executive body of full-time clinicians and nurses that lead the Trust’s operational centre  work hand in hand with a network of volunteers. We aim to reach out and bring together those who have survived, been bereaved by or encountered sepsis in every imaginable circumstance.

Our team seeks to save lives and improve outcomes for survivors of sepsis by instigating political change, educating healthcare professionals, raising public awareness and providing support for those affected by this devastating condition. UKST’s critical expertise is based in the charity’s grassroots origins – our doctors and nurses have front line, first-hand experience of the sepsis problem; their passion is born of a uniquely comprehensive understanding of what needs to be done. The urgent need to improve sepsis care in the UK drives our team forward as we continue to work in hospitals while volunteering their time to advance the sepsis agenda.

UKST’s critical expertise is based in the charity’s grassroots origins.

Treating Sepsis

As far as healthcare charities go, the UK Sepsis Trust is a little bit different. Although fundraising is central to our cause, we don’t need to raise millions of pounds to fund expensive research. Ours is the challenging but attainable task of communicating: communications with government, educating health professionals, spreading awareness among the public.

All of this costs money and time, with the right support we can fix this.

It is UKST’s clinical credibility that sits at the heart of our considerable political influence. Working as long-term advisers to the Department of Health and NHS England, the Trust also collaborates on a regular basis with the medical Royal Colleges, most recently to update NHS education programmes. It is key that we establish the infrastructure necessary to facilitate improvement through parliamentary lobbying campaigns, and by participating in legislative discussions and maintaining our dialogue with policy makers, we are constantly capitalising on the opportunity to effect huge change where it urgently needs to take place.

It is UKST’s clinical credibility that sits at the heart of our considerable political influence.

Treating Sepsis

At the UK Sepsis Trust, we recognise the scale and significance of the impact that sepsis can have on sufferers and their families. Although many patients return to a normal life, those who survive the condition may experience long-term physical problems, and some suffer from psychological difficulties resulting from their prolonged illness. The provision of support and advice to those who need it is central to the Trust’s work. At UKST patients and their relatives, including those bereaved by sepsis, will find information and assistance at our support groups and across our fast developing support networks.

Help us to mend sepsis