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At least 250,000 cases in the UK every year

A bespoke analysis of HES data performed by UKST in 2017 showed that there were 200,000 admissions to hospitals in England with one of the diagnostic codes A41.0, A41.5, A41.9, R65.2, P36.9, R65.2, however there were 1.7 million episodes of admission with common bacterial infections (codes J18.0, J18.1, J18.9, K65.0, L03.9, L03.1, N39.0).

Extrapolating these to the UK, we would estimate that (64.1M/54.8M) = 1.17 x 200,000, thus 234,000 patients develop sepsis each year.

6 Million deaths globally every year among 30 million cases

Fleischmann C, Scherag A, Adhikari NK, et al. Assessment of Global Incidence and Mortality of Hospital-treated Sepsis. Current Estimates and Limitations. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2016; 193(3): 259-72

52,000 deaths in the UK every year

• England, according to the report in the 2018 Lancet Journal of Respiratory Medicine by Prof Sir Brian Jarman had a mortality rate of 20.3%. With around 213,728 patients developing sepsis annually in England, this gives an estimated 43,387 deaths each year in England

• In Wales, mortality according to Vaughan Gethin MP was 24% in 2015. With around 12,090 patients developing sepsis annually in Wales, this gives an estimated 2,902 deaths each year in Wales

• In Scotland, data from the Scottish Patient Safety Programme in 2015 showed mortality to be 20%. With around 20,944 patients developing sepsis annually in Scotland, this gives an estimated 4,189 deaths each year in Scotland

• There are no mortality data available for NI so we assume 20.3%. With around 7,332 patients developing sepsis annually in NI, this gives an estimated 1,488 deaths each year in NI

• UK of 43,387 + 2,902 + 4,189 + 1,488 = 51,966 deaths

79,000 life-changing after-effects

Around 40% of survivors (0.4 x (250,000-51,966)= 79,214 have one or more of cognitive, psychological or physical sequelae. Extrapolated from:
Prescott HC, Angus D. Enhancing recovery from sepsis- a review. JAMA 2018; 319(1):62-75
Iwashyna TJ, Ely EW et al. Long-term cognitive impairment and functional disability among survivors of severe sepsis. JAMA 2010 304(16):1787-94

Kills more than breast, bowel and prostate cancer combined

Bowel: 15,903
Breast:11,433 = 38,623
Prostate: 11,287

Better awareness Could save 14,000 lives a year

With an incidence around 390 cases per 100,000 population per year, mortality c. 20% and with patients presenting early being around half as likely to die than those presenting late; we estimate that 1 in 2800 episodes of awareness has potential to save a life. Also: With overall income during the same period £3.9M; for every £160 received we have saved a life.

25,000 child cases every year in the UK

Hospital Episode Statistics – for years 2010-11 to 2014-15

More common than heart attacks

In the UK there are over 200,000 hospital visits each year due to heart attacks: that’s 1 every 3 minutes – see—uk-factsheet.pdf