Returning to work and financial worries

Understanding Financial Issues After Sepsis: Webinar

Thursday 28th April – 11am – 12.15pm via zoom. 

Join us to learn more about the financial implications and potential solutions for those impacted by sepsis. This session includes an interactive Q&A and practical advice from a panel of legal experts.

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Returning to work

Going back to work can be a really daunting prospect! Some of the problems that occur after sepsis, such as fatigue or poor memory, can make resuming work difficult or impossible. You may also have lost confidence and may still have outpatient appointments to attend.

Most employers will be happy to allow you to start back on reduced hours, gradually increasing them until you are feeling fit enough to work your usual hours (this is known as a phased return).

If returning to work is difficult, you and your employer could consider these options:

financial worries

Finances may be stretched while you are recovering. Many employers will continue paying your salary for several months and then ask for your situation to be reviewed. Others will only pay for a few weeks. Some people will have to rely on statutory sick pay. The government now provides a benefit called ‘Personal Independence Payment (PIP)’ which is designed for people who have experienced a life changing illness or disability. However, you can only claim after a three-month period from the start of your illness. Citizens Advice benefits web pages provide lots of useful information on claiming benefits and in some cases will assist with claims and form filling.