Every penny you give or raise is crucial.

Here’s how we spend each £1 we receive:

  • 31p goes on raising public awareness
  • 13p is spent on educating healthcare professionals
  • 12p is used to lobby government health ministers to drive change
  • 12p helps fund our support network for sepsis survivors and families
  • 8p is spent on our core operations and governance
  • 24p is reinvested in developing our fundraising strategy

And here’s the impact it makes:

  • £25 pays for one hour of telephone support
  • £95 allows us to run an online support group
  • £10 allows us to provide a recovery diary to support a recovery journey
  • £105 allows us to support one person through their recovery journey
  • £200 pays for a regional support group event for those affected by sepsis
  • £3,000 allows us to provide literature on discharge from a hospital for 1 year
  • £50 allows us to provide an awareness information pack to the public
  • £5 allows us to provide 100 awareness leaflets to the public
  • £5,000 will help us to translate our core materials into other languages