Education Resources

We have created a series of short films and documents to help guide you through the processes of understanding, identifying and managing sepsis.

You can link to all the educational tools on this page, but they cannot be hosted separately from the UKST website, unless by special arrangement.

We have created, in conjunction with Health Education England (HEE), a ‘Sepsis for Learning Disability Care Workers’ lesson plan. This lesson plan is for anyone who may be caring for or assisting people with learning disabilities

You can access the lesson plan by completing this short form. Once you have submitted your details, your download will appear.


The Sepsis Manual

Edited by Dr Ron Daniels and Dr Tim Nutbeam, this downloadable manual provides detailed education free of charge for every healthcare professional in the UK. It includes UKST’s ‘Sepsis Six’ pathway (which halves the risk of patients dying).
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Sepsis: Improving clinical outcomes and the power of new rapid diagnostics
Hospital Acquired Sepsis
The Impact of Sepsis
It's Sepsis - not Flu!
It's Sepsis - not Flu! – for health professionals
The Sepsis Six
Sepsis Screening