Meet the Team

Ron Daniels

Ron is Chief Executive and one of the founders of the Trust; he developed his passion for improving systems for Sepsis during his Role as a Consultant in Critical Care and Anaesthesia, and his parallel role as CEO of the Global Sepsis Alliance. He is a recognised world expert in sepsis and lectures internationally.

I won’t rest until patients with sepsis are dealt with as quickly and reliably as patients with heart attacks or stroke, every time. I initiated the development of the UK Sepsis Trust when it became clear that to achieve this required not only education, but also engagement.

Harkirth Kaur Smith

Harri is the Senior Administrator for the UK Sepsis Trust and is committed to helping the Charity in its continued growth.
I am currently the Senior Administrator for the UK Sepsis Trust. I’m an enthusiastic 26 year old committed to helping the Charity in its continued growth.

I came across the UK Sepsis Trust while looking for work. I was astonished to hear about Sepsis and understood the importance of expanding and promoting the awareness of this deadly condition.

I am hoping to develop my skills and knowledge within the UK Sepsis Trust.

Fiona Lawrence

Fiona is a nurse with a background in Critical Care who, through experience of treating patients with Sepsis, wishes to make a difference to how patients are cared for and prevent unnecessary deaths.

Hi I’m Fiona, 42 years old. I’ve been a nurse since 1993 and for most of my career have worked in Intensive Care, which is where I developed an interest in the care and treatment of patients who developed Sepsis. To see someone die of this dreadful illness and its impact upon families and friends is devastating. I became involved with the Trust because I wanted to make a difference.

Libby Kain

Libby is a nurse who wishes to help ex-critically ill patients who have been affected by sepsis and their families during their rehabilitation phase.

I’ve been a qualified nurse for 37 years, working initially as a staff nurse in various disciplines including pre- and post-operative care, medical and surgical wards and a minor injuries unit. l started working in Critical Care 23 years ago, including volunteering to provide Long Term Follow Up to patients discharged from Critical Care in recent years. It was through my Follow Up work that l became involved with the Sepsis Trust.

Terrance Canning

Terence became involved in the Trust following the tragic loss of his brother Mark. Terence wishes to prevent other families from experiencing this huge loss.

Welcome all; I’m Terence 40 years old and a Trustee and Executive Director for Wales. I became involved with the trust after the tragic and untimely death of my brother Mark.

I’m non-medical and live in Wales; I hope to help reduce the number of fatalities from this treatable illness by working to raise awareness in both the public and professional environment.

Daman Mullhi

Daman is an NHS consultant in Anaesthesia and wishes to raise awareness amongst the public and healthcare professionals, knowing that this will help to improve patient outcomes.

Hi, I’m Dr Daman Mullhi. I graduated in Medicine from the University of Birmingham in 1994. In 2005 I was appointed Consultant Anaesthetist at the Heart of England NHS Trust. My clinical role includes elective and emergency anaesthesia for all major specialties and leading safe anaesthesia for Radiological services. I’m actively involved in medical education and passionate about Patient Safety.

Tim Nutbeam

Tim is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine in Plymouth. As one of the founding Trustees, he shares the passion to create a healthcare system which delivers sepsis care reliably.

Hi, I’m Tim. As a junior doctor gaining experience in Critical Care, I worked with Ron and was amazed to learn of the magnitude of the problem of Sepsis. Together, we worked to create the Sepsis Six and its associated educational programme, Survive Sepsis. It’s humbling to see that these tools are now in use in several countries in Europe, and in areas of North America, Canada and Australia.

Georgina McNamara

George was also one of the founding members of the Trust and, sharing her job with a colleague, Clare, was one of the first two Sepsis Nurse Practitioners in the country.

I’m a nurse with a background in the care of the acutely ill. I was the first nurse in the UK to work as a Sepsis Nurse Practitioner with a project funded by the National Institute for Healthcare Research, and worked with Ron to develop the Sepsis Six. Ron and I with a team of professionals then undertook a piece of research that demonstrated that patients who received the Sepsis 6 within 1 hour were half as likely to die.

Julian Hull

Julian has been an NHS Consultant in Anaesthesia and adult Intensive Care Medicine (an ‘Intensivist’) since 1994 and joined the UK Sepsis Trust to help raise awareness of sepsis and bring about improvements in the management of patients with this common life-threatening illness.

I have been an NHS Consultant in Anaesthesia and adult Intensive Care Medicine (an ‘Intensivist’) since 1994. Over the years I have witnessed many people dying from septic shock and others suffering the long term effects of this condition.

Paula Evans

Paula is Volunteer Coordinator and new to the Trust.

Hello I’m Paula and have recently joined the UKST. I have worked within the charitable sector previously and am passionate about the work the trust does. My role is to secure a sound volunteer base so that we can expand our activities nationally.

I think the more we do this, the more lives will be saved.

Niamh Mitchell

Niamh is the UKST Administrator

I became involved with the UK Sepsis Trust in June 2015. I am currently studying Medical Science at college whilst working part time at the trust. My role involves something different everyday including the info inbox, supporting our fundraisers on Just Giving, social media posts and sending out merchandise.

I am keen to help raise awareness of Sepsis, especially among young people like myself!

Julie Wilkes

Julie is a Personal Assistant at the Trust

Hello I’m Julie, I have worked at the trust since March 2015. I have an administrative background in the NHS. My role involves trying to keep up with Dr Daniels busy schedule and other personal assistant duties. I currently work 4 and a half days and I will probably be the first person you speak to on the telephone. Working in Intensive care previously I have witnessed the devastation of sepsis and I’m committed to helping to raise awareness of this terrible illness.