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The Sepsis Trust team is made up of both medical and non-medical staff based predominantly in our Birmingham Office with teams also in London and Wales all dedicated to raising awareness, instigating change and supporting those affected by SEPSIS. From strategy to support workers and education to fundraisers, we’d love to meet you too!

Richard Harris

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Richard is chartered accountant and Chair of the UK Sepsis Trust. Richard has been involved with the charity since 2015.

David Coleman

Trustee Board Member

David Coleman is a Birmingham based business man. He became involved with the charity following his own personal experience of Sepsis.

Julian Hull

Trustee Board Member

Dr Julian Hull is a recently retired Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensive Care Consultant from Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield. During his years of work he has witnessed the devastating effects of sepsis on both patient and their relatives.

Mark Cawley

Trustee Board Member

Mark is a Solicitor at Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office and specialises in medical law, inquests and civil litigation. He acts for individuals with sepsis and bereaved families. Mark has witnessed the incredible impact of sepsis on his clients and their families and is motivated to raise awareness. He also enjoys a new fundraising challenge and is committed to making a difference to the Trust and its supporters.

Phil Harrold

Trustee Board Member

Phil Harrold is a chartered accountant recently retired from PWC after 22 years as a partner. He is a past president of the Nottingham Derby and Lincoln society of Chartered accountants and a previous member of the CBI regional council.

Ron Daniels

Dr Ron Daniels - CEO

With a background as an NHS Consultant in Intensive Care, I founded the charity having watched one too many people die needlessly. I'm now privileged to be able to save lives globally by providing solutions and by influencing change through advising the UK Government and World Health Organisation.

Sarah Hamilton-Fairley

Executive Director of Strategy

My interest and experience working in the voluntary sector spans decades! In order to save more lives we’re looking for a ‘call to action’: one that develops and builds partnerships that genuinely benefit both organisations. This is one of my main responsibilities which I’m fortunate to be doing as it’s something I both believe in and enjoy.

Georgina McNamara

Head of Training and Education

Hi I’m George, one of the original founding members of the UKST

I’m a nurse with a background in the care of the acutely ill. I was the first nurse in the UK to work as a SEPSIS Nurse Practitioner with a project funded by the National Institute for Healthcare Research and worked with Ron to develop the SEPSIS Six. Ron and I, with a team of professionals, then undertook a piece of research that demonstrated that patients who received the SEPSIS 6 within 1 hour were half as likely to die.

I am the Executive Lead Nurse for Education and work closely with the Birmingham office team.

Daman Mullhi

Dr Daman Mullhi - Head of Corporate Engagement

In my clinical role as an NHS consultant anaesthetist I see the devastating effects of SEPSIS first hand. I joined the UK Sepsis Trust as I was inspired by their passion to change the system and improve patient outcomes. My exec role focuses on raising awareness through good PR and engaging corporates and others who share our values and want to join our mission to save lives.

Terence Canning

Executive Director for Wales

I first became aware of SEPSIS and its scale in June 2012 after the sudden death of my 41 year old brother Mark. Realising the crucial importance of raising awareness that affects so many. I became involved with the UKST mid-2013, initially as a non-medical trustee. Being a Cardiff based Welshman, the role has since developed into my becoming the executive lead for Wales proudly responsible for helping the charity deliver its important mission this side of the Severn Bridge.

Tim Nutbeam

Dr Tim Nutbeam - Clinical Advisor

I’ve been with UKST since ‘the start’ and was part of the original team that developed the ‘SEPSIS Six’. I have an interest in SEPSIS systems, risk stratification and early treatment. Outside of the UKST I work as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, the lead doctor for an air ambulance service and as Honorary Professor of Prehospital Critical Care at the University of Plymouth.

Tracey Laight

PA for Executive Director for Wales

I joined the UKST in February 2017. I am based in South Wales and having had SEPSIS in 2012 I am keen to raise awareness of both the condition and the after effects of having had SEPSIS. In March 2017 I organised our first support group in Wales, in Cardiff which takes place quarterly. I hope to help facilitate more support groups around Wales to help those affected by SEPSIS and create awareness of survivor rehabilitation requirements.

Nicola Davies


I’ve been with UKST since April 2017 working on a range of different projects focused around education, learning and development. My background is primarily in adult education and injury rehabilitation both here in the UK and Australia.

Melissa Mead

National Project Coordinator

I’ve been with the UKST since April 2017 in an official capacity, but have worked with them extensively as an Ambassador since losing my one year old son William to SEPSIS in 2014. I am passionate about patient safety and public awareness. My background is in the financial sector.

Larry Matthews

Support Lead

I joined the trust in November 2016 having spent the previous 30 years working in Critical Care Nursing. My key roles are to develop support service for those who have been affected by SEPSIS, provide telephone and digital media support and to organize and deliver SEPSIS support groups.

Emma Collins

Support Nurse

I have been a Qualified Nurse on the Intensive Care Unit for over 13 years. I have been a Support Nurse for the UK Sepsis Trust since March 2017. I take calls from people suffering Post SEPSIS and speak to people with general concerns about SEPSIS.

Harri Kaur

Senior Accounts Administrator

I started at the charity in 2013 and so far it’s been a remarkable journey.

My role: I look after the charity’s accounts. My job has given me the opportunity to learn so much, including the very important task of raising awareness on SEPSIS. I look forward to continuing helping to raise awareness of this awful illness and seeing the charity grow further.

Julie Wilkes

Senior Administrator

I worked on an Intensive Care Unit for 18 years and saw at first hand the devastating effects of SEPSIS on patients and their families. I joined the trust in March 2015 and work as part of the administration team primarily dealing with emails and correspondence and supporting the Executive team, the Support team and the Trustee board.

Emma Knight

Fundraising Events Coordinator

I joined the team in 2016 after graduating from the University of Birmingham and have loved seeing the charity grow and the difference it makes to those affected by SEPSIS. As part of the fundraising team I get to work with our amazing supporters to achieve their fundraising goals whether that be a school bake sale or running the London Marathon.

Beki Griffiths

Community Fundraiser

I’ve been working for the charity since April 2017, working within fundraising and project development. The charity is such a worthwhile cause, and it’s great to be a part of a growing and dedicated organization.

Francesca Luty

Volunteer Co-ordinator

I have been working for the UKST since May 2017, helping to look after and organise the efforts of all the wonderful passionate volunteers and supporters we have. My background is in volunteer management in the UK and overseas.

Julie Culling


I previously worked within the NHS. I joined the trust in 2016 and work as part of the administration team primarily dealing with emails and correspondence, organising and coordinating our speakers and representing the trust at conferences with our information stand.

Pandora Haydon

Press and Communications Manager

I’ve worked with the UK Sepsis Trust since 2015 to raise the condition’s profile in the press, spark media debate and amplify calls for better SEPSIS care across the NHS.

Madeline Roache

Assistant to Executive Director

I’ve been working for the UK Sepsis Trust since January 2016, assisting the Director of Strategy, coordinating SEPSIS awareness raising events and engaging fundraisers and volunteers. Having recently completed an MA, my background is in research related to mental healthcare in Russia.

Lee Stevenson-Rose

Digital Media Officer

I joined the UK Sepsis Trust in August 2017. My main strengths lie in social media and brand awareness, as well as analytics, web maintenance and copywriting. My background is in the education sector, mainly focussing on healthcare.

Lucy Daniels

Corporate Liaison

I am a Qualified Nurse working in Recovery. I have been working for the UK Sepsis Trust 2015 as a Corporate Liaison.

Paula Evans

Fundraising Lead

I joined the team in 2015 and am privileged to have be part of the considerable growth the trust has experienced. Fundraising with our passionate supporters will ensure the charity is sustainable and will enable us to achieve our goals – ultimately saving more lives through our political lobbying, education & awareness campaigns.

Nick Randall

Trustee Board Member

Nick Randle is currently a Relationship Director in financial services, having held various roles in this sector for the last 17 years. Nick is passionate about the community and is keen to use his corporate experience to support this growing charity in its aim to raise awareness and provide support for those affected by Sepsis


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