Raising awareness in the Farming Community

Sepsis can affect anyone, it doesn’t discriminate.

Recent experience suggests that the farming community is more susceptible to sepsis: due to the nature of their work; their resilience and can-do attitude; their often rural, isolated setting; and a reluctance to have time off and/or seek medical attention when not feeling well.

The fact is that farmers and labourers are at increased risk of becoming infected, so any cuts should be cleaned thoroughly, disinfected and covered before returning to work. Sepsis can also be caused by injuries caused from trauma or by illness. If you, or a loved one displays any of the symptoms displayed below, it’s important that you seek medical attention, urgently.

The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust has made a donation to The UK Sepsis Trust to support efforts in raising awareness of the risks of sepsis within the farming community. To find out more, watch our latest video below.

In conjunction with Ark Media and thanks to the extraordinary, fantastic fundraising efforts of the family and friends of Hannah Brown, we’ve been able to put together this video and accompanying poster, to raise awareness of sepsis within the farming community. Knowing what to look out for and remembering to ‘Just Ask: could it be sepsis?’ if you’re concerned about someone, really can save lives.

Please watch and learn about the dangers and symptoms of sepsis, then share the video with family, staff and friends, and download the posters and display them on your site.

Awareness Resources

Together we can save thousands of lives.