Christmas fundraising ideas A-Z

Are you thinking of getting together with friends, family, or colleagues this Christmas to raise funds for UKST? We hope so! Our A-Z list of festive ideas is here to inspire you and make your fundraising efforts a memorable experience.

From Advent Challenges to Zumba Marathons, there’s something for everyone to enjoy while raising vital awareness and funds to help end preventable deaths from sepsis.

A: Advent Challenges

Count down the days until Christmas and set yourself a series of sponsored challenges.

B: Bake Sale

Collect donations in exchange for your best homemade festive treats and baked goods.

C: Carol Singing

Arrange an evening of carols in your community and hold a charity collection for UKST.

D: Door Decorating Competition

Compete with colleagues and decorate your office doors with a festive theme.

E: E-card Delivery Service

Offer a digital Christmas card sending service in exchange for donations.

F: Fancy Dress Party

Host a festive-themed costume party – award a prize for the best dressed!

G: Gift Wrapping

Offer your expert gift wrapping services in exchange for donations to UKST.

H: Hot Chocolate Stand

Set up a delicious hot chocolate station at a local event in your community.

I: Instagram Live Fundraiser

Share festive tips, crafts, or entertainment using live streaming on social media.

J: Jumper Day

Invite your colleagues or friends to wear their best Christmas jumpers on Friday 8th December 2023. Click here to download your free digital fundraising pack.

K: Knit-a-Thon

Gather friends and family to knit Christmas gifts or decorations.

L: Lantern Walk

Organise a nighttime walk lit only with lanterns and ask for a donation to take part.

M: Mince Pie Baking Competition

Get together a team of judges and hold your own mince pie bake off.

N: North Pole Party

Throw a festive party with a winter wonderland theme.

O: Open Mic Night

Host a Christmas-themed open mic night (or karaoke night) and belt out your favourite tunes.

P: Pet Fancy Dress

Dress up your dog, cat, or other furry friend with a Christmas theme and compete for best dressed.

Q: Quiz Night

Host a Christmas-themed trivia night with an entry fee. Winner gets bragging rights!

R: Raffle

Boost your fundraising by including a festive raffle at your event with exciting prizes.

S: Stocking Filler Sale

Get creative and sell handmade stocking fillers, with the profits going towards UKST’s lifesaving work.

T: Tree Decorating Competition

Hold a Christmas tree decorating competition with your neighbours or friends on social media.

U: Unwanted Gift Exchange

After Christmas, hold a gift exchange event where people can swap or sell unwanted gifts.

V: Video Game Marathon

Stream a video game marathon with a Christmas theme.

W: Wreath Making Workshop

Invite your family and friends to make wreaths in exchange for donations – or sell your creations!

X: X Marks the Spot

Organise a festive-themed treasure hunt with hidden prizes and clues to solve.

Y: Yule Log Baking Competition

Challenge bakers to make their best Yule Log cakes – bake off style!

Z: Zumba Marathon

Hold a Zumba style dance session with your favourite festive playlist and decorations.

Any questions? Please email the fundraising team via