Fundraising inspiration

Now that your Always Remember Fund is ready, you can share it with your family and friends, and invite them to make a donation in your loved one’s name. You can do this by sending them the link to your page, or telling them in person.

Fundraising in loving memory

Fundraising in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to honour their life, and an opportunity to bring friends and family together. It’s important to choose activities you can enjoy, whether that’s a coffee morning, lunch, five-a-side match, bake sale, or even a pub quiz. Some fundraisers like to make their events more personal, by choosing an activity their loved one was particularly fond of, such as running a 10k or half-marathon to remember a keen runner.

You can keep things simple by inviting others to make donations at meaningful times of the year, like your loved one’s birthday, a special anniversary, or at Christmas.

If you’d prefer to take part in a more individual activity, you could consider a sponsored bike ride, run, or other personal challenge such as a head shave.

You could also invite your workplace to get involved. For example, you could set a date where everyone wears red, and makes a donation to your loved one’s fund.

For full information on ways to fundraise, support resources for you to download, and a full list of our fundraising events – please see the link below.