What is an always remember fund?

An Always Remember Fund enables you to commemorate a loved one you have lost to sepsis, by creating a fund in their name. When you set up your Fund, you’ll have a personalised page on JustGiving. This makes it easy for you, your friends and family to donate online. Many people organise fundraising events which others can support by donating to their Fund page.

Who will it help?

All donations made to an Always Remember Fund will go to support the UK Sepsis Trust’s vital work to raise awareness of the signs of sepsis and equip the public and healthcare professionals to get it diagnosed and treated quickly. In this way, every Fund commemorates one life by helping to save others.

frequently asked questions

I already have a JustGiving page – do I have to set up another one in order to create an Always Remember Tribute Fund? Answer

Not necessarily, in most cases it is possible to transfer existing JustGiving pages to the Always Remember campaign. Please send the link to your existing JustGiving page to Faye at alwaysremember@sepsistrust.org to see if you can get your fund transferred.

I don’t have a JustGiving page – can I have a tree without one? Answer

All trees in our Orchard of Remembrance must be connected to a JustGiving page, as this enables people to pay tribute with a donation if they wish to. We can help you set up a page, so if you need assistance just contact Faye at alwaysremember@sepsistrust.org.

How will people be able to donate to my fund? Answer

Your family and friends can make donations very easily online through your JustGiving page. If they are not comfortable donating online they can also donate money directly to the UK Sepsis Trust by phone or bank transfer and you can add these as ‘offline donations’ to your JustGiving page.

I have already donated to the UK Sepsis Trust in memory of someone. Can this be reflected on my JustGiving page total? Answer

Yes, any donation made to the Trust can be added to your JustGiving page as an ‘offline donation’. This ensures that your total reflects the amount of money that’s been raised  in memory of your loved one.