Get Sepsis Savvy Accredited

We work together with like-minded companies, making a bigger impact through collaboration. We want to acknowledge and award the commitment of your organisation in educating people about sepsis – an emergency medical condition that affects 245,000 people across the UK every year. 

Getting accredited couldn’t be easier. Simply tell us about your work in an email to

What we’re looking for:

  • Tell us what you’ve done or plan to do to raise awareness of sepsis and how you’ve encouraged people to get Sepsis Savvy. This is your opportunity to tell us more about the activities and initiatives you’ve done to support us in raising awareness of sepsis. This could be an office awareness day, sharing our sepsis savvy resources with your teams or supporting us through fundraising.
  • Include any images, stories, videos or links to social media posts – anything that helps bring your awareness raising to life!

What are the benefits of being accredited?

We’ll promote your life-saving work and provide you with some resources to help celebrate your accreditation, including:

  • A printable Sepsis Savvy Accredited certificate for your organisation to display publicly
  • A certificate template for your colleagues to use on social media as a personal visual recognition
  • An accreditation logo to use in your corporate online/offline communications
  • Social media assets and an email signature.

We can also send you some Sepsis Savvy pin badges and credit card-sized symptom cards if you provide us with your postal address.