UKST collaborates with St Andrew’s First Aid to raise awareness about sepsis

The UK Sepsis Trust (UKST) has joined forces with St Andrew’s First Aid to raise awareness about sepsis in Scotland.

UKST has provided the Scottish charity with literature encouraging people to ‘Just ask: could it be sepsis?’, and Z-cards showing the symptoms in both adults and children.

In the UK alone, 245,000 people are affected by sepsis with at least 48,000 people losing their lives in sepsis-related illnesses every year. However, with early diagnosis many of these lives could be saved – which is why awareness is so important.

St Andrew’s First Aid CEO Stuart Callison said: “St Andrew’s First Aid are delighted to partner with the UK Sepsis Trust to help raise awareness of this frequently life threatening condition throughout Scotland. We look forward to sharing this valuable information with communities across the country at our schools and community-based Talks and Demonstrations.”

UKST Head of Communities Terence Canning said: “We are delighted to be working with St Andrew’s First Aid to deliver essential sepsis awareness resources across Scotland into the communities where they are most needed. Sepsis is indiscriminate and through this collaboration we aim to ensure that people of all ages and backgrounds have the chance to learn the vital signs and symptoms which will empower them to ‘Just Ask’ should they ever suspect sepsis.”

St Andrew’s First Aid is Scotland’s dedicated first aid charity and leading first aid training provider.

Their mission is to raise awareness of the importance of first aid skills through first aid event cover, first aid training courses and first aid education within schools and communities across Scotland.

To find out how you can work with the UKST to raise awareness about sepsis, email