UKST supports 2024 edition of World Sepsis Congress Spotlight ‘Unmet Need in Sepsis Diagnosis and Therapy’

The 2024 World Sepsis Congress Spotlight ‘Unmet Need in Sepsis Diagnosis and Therapy’ will be hosted on Tuesday 23rd April.

UKST’s founder and Joint CEO Dr Ron Daniels is Chair of the Global Sepsis Alliance, who are convening the event free of charge and completely virtually, enabling global participation.

Dr Ron Daniels said: “In the build up to this year’s World Sepsis Congress, here at UKST we recognise the imperative to delve deeper into the evolving landscape of sepsis management. From the integration of AI and predictive modelling to the crucial need for early intervention in surgical patients, our discussions will illuminate innovative approaches vital for combating this global threat. This event will unite healthcare professionals, patients, and policymakers in a shared mission. Together, we navigate the complexities of sepsis, forging pathways towards enhanced prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. I am confident in this event’s potential to inspire transformative dialogue.”Top of Form

Over one day and 9 sessions, over 40 internationally renowned speakers, panellists, and moderators will address the role of AI, predictive modelling in sepsis, the need for early diagnosis and treatment of sepsis in surgical patients, the role of biomarkers, personalised approaches to sepsis management, how hypervolemia increases the mortality risk, community programmes to prevent and diagnose the condition, and more.

Dr Ron Daniels chaired the opening session on ‘Key Success Factors To Address Global Threats’ at last year’s World Sepsis Congress event.

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