UKST launches hospital pilot to disseminate sepsis literature to discharged patients

The UK Sepsis Trust (UKST) is carrying out a pilot project in England aimed at raising awareness about the signs of sepsis and the appropriate treatment route if suspected.

The project launched in May 2023 and will run for six months, thanks to funding provided by bioMérieux.

Patients discharged from the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Royal Preston Hospital, Blackpool Hospital, Chorley Hospital, and George Eliot Hospital will receive a sepsis information leaflet in their TTOs.

bioMérieux Director of Public & Governmental Affairs and Patient Value Strategy Arnaud Favry said: “bioMérieux and the UK Sepsis Trust have been collaborating on exciting projects since the inception of our patient engagement strategy in 2020, focusing on raising awareness on the role of diagnostics to prevent and treat sepsis. We hope this leaflet can contribute to saving lives by reaching as many patients as possible via health professionals and hospitals”.

The literature makes people aware that sepsis is more common than heart attacks, but is often treatable if caught quickly.

The leaflet details:
• What sepsis is
• Symptoms in adults & children – and what to do if you suspect sepsis
• Information about our charity
• Support services we provide
• Ways you can support our work – through fundraising, volunteering, or providing education and training

UKST Ambassador Melissa Mead, who is leading the project, said: “We’re already seeing more people contact us and access our support services because of this initiative, and it is our hope that in time this will be a standard practice at hospitals and other healthcare settings across the UK.”

The pilot aims to raise sepsis awareness levels among the general public, and sits alongside our work to educate clinicians about the condition.

Awareness about sepsis saves lives – get #SepsisSavvy today.

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