UKST's response to Inquest of Ava Macfarlane

Our thoughts are with the family of Ava Macfarlane at this difficult time. This case is made even more tragic by the fact that the result might have been different had the hospital adminstered the necessary antibiotics sooner.

Ava’s case reminds us of the importance of heightened attention to sepsis, among both healthcare professionals and the public. These sepsis guidelines are in place to better identify those at most urgent risk and, as Ava’s case shows, when they are not followed, the consequences can be devastating.

It’s not just healthcare professionals who should be aware of sepsis, however: it’s everyone. Parents must also be aware of the symptoms and empowered to act when they are very concerned about their child in the context of an infection; with every hour before the right antibiotics are administered, risk of death increases.

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